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Supported Employment Services believes that all people, regardless of their abilities, have the right to fully participate in their communities. SES’s mission focuses on providing quality, community-based employment and living services with a emphasis on maximizing independence. SES is looking for dedicated, innovative candidates to become members of a supportive team. We are an agency that values its employees, promotes from within when possible, and pays competitive wages. SES’s extensive benefits package includes employer-paid health, dental, vision and life insurance for our employees. We also offer participation in a additional life insurance plan, ALFAC, and an employer-matched retirement plans. If you are looking for a rewarding, challenging and exciting job where you can focus on professional development, apply today.

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SES, Inc.

Equal Opportunity Employer

“When I started with SES, I always had trouble finding a business that seemed to care about its employees, but I soon realized that this company was different and it was clear that they go above and beyond for their workers.

They take their customer’s needs seriously and ensure that everyone is given a chance to succeed in their work. No matter the issue, Supported Employment Services is ready to problem-solve and help our customers achieve their employment goals. A company that is truly a diamond in the rough. “

~ Brandon J. – Job Coach, Employment Services Assistant

SES is filled with people who are passionate about people. Through working here, I’ve learned as much about myself as I have the incredible customers we work with. Every day is an untraveled road, with new sights, sounds and situations to discover along the way. SES has helped me discover where my passions lie, and has helped me grow into my best self. If you’re looking for a new adventure, SES is just around the corner.

~Ashley Z. – Job Coach, Administration Specialist, QA Assistant

Working with SES has been awesome and very rewarding. You get to meet and work with some very cool individuals. The Administration is a pleasure to work with and I’ve been with them for 13 years now and lets do another 13.                      

~ Tom M.– Supported Living Specialist, Job Coach

Current Open Positions

There are a billion organizations out there that a person can work with, yet SES is one of a kind. When I first began working with SES I required accommodations just to be able to work, my son’s needs required me to leave the office frequently, change my schedule at the drop of a hat, and utilize time outside of my regular working hours to push forward in accomplishing the tasks I was responsible for. SES recognized not only the value in the work I was doing, they recognize my value as a being, and that humanity requires us to be flexible and understanding to bring about the best in people. 

This is an incredibly nurturing work home that encourages home and work-life balance. The professionals I work alongside encourage me in my growth, and the dynamic nature of the work I do is inspiring and makes each day new. 

Every person’s needs are different. Some of us seek fair compensation, health care insurance, or distance from home when considering employment (all of those things are generously provided here), but for me, it is the support, the understanding, the encouragement, and the amazing team of talented professionals that I have the opportunity to work with that make SES a special place to work. 

If you are considering a change in your work-life, or looking to grow and expand in this field I encourage you to consider getting to know us! We would love to meet you!

~ Heather Newman – SES Job Developer