We know what Supported Employment is!

SES has specialized in Supported Employment only since 1991. All of our customers have been hired by local businesses at minimum wage or higher in an inclusive environment. No group employment, enclaves, sheltered workshops, or sub-minimum wage jobs. 

Our founder studied under David Mank, PhD of the Specialized Training Program (STP) while earning her degree in Psychology at the University of Oregon. STP was a leader in the movement towards community-based services in Oregon, at work and at home. They established "best practices" for service delivery to people with developmental disabilities in our community. Supported Employment Services embraced and implemented these best practices which have guided the vision of the company since it's inception. Our mission is to create individual job opportunities paying full minimum wage at local businesses in a true integrated environment. 

In order to access Job Placement Services, you must go through Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Please contact your Brokerage Personal Agent or Lane County Developmental Disabilities Service Coordinator to get a file open for job placement services through Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services. 

Job Placement Services

1st Step Job Development

All customers seeking employment are referred through Vocational Rehabilitation for Job Placement Services. The placement staff works to get to know you, your skills and abilities, and interests to better identify an appropriate job match for you. This can involve job exploration, job seekers meetings, career counseling, specific work assessments, and other activities to assist us in finding the best job match. Our Job Developers take this information and contact employers that fit your needs for employment. 

Once a job site has been identified, you will have the opportunity to decide if it is of interest to you. If so, we will arrange an interview and practice your interview skills so you're prepared to land the job. Job Developers will accompany you to provide support and an opportunity to debrief and decide if you want the job. We will also coordinate with the employer to assist in hiring paperwork and develop a training plan as you move to job coaching services.

2nd Step - Job Coaching

3rd Step - Ongoing Supported Employment

Volunteer Work
Job Coaching
Job Retention

Employment Path


The first stage of the employment path is all about SES getting to know you so that we can make the best job match. Spend some time with a Job Developer touring businesses and learning what kinds of work you want to do.


Next on the path is volunteering. This will build your resume in order to secure a paying job.

Paid Employment

Once you've done some volunteer work, the next step is to find you a job.